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Nordkapp to Tarifa - WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT - 4200 miles

On July 10th 2019 Ryan along with his support driver & partner Georgina will be departing Nordkapp in Norway to Tarifa in Gibaltar in an attempt to beat the World Record set in 2015 by Lee Fancourt by following his exact route & in turn raise awareness for mental health & suicide prevention & funds for the newly created Lee Fancourt Mental Health Fund.

In 2018 Lee suffered from suicide & is tragically no longer with us in body but as a legendary cyclist we set up the fund to help support others with mental health challenges but also to support other cyclists that like us want to make a different & challenge themselves on behalf of mental health charities.

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The 4200 Mile route that we are taking through Europe

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Not being the biggest of writers & far from being a blogger I was blown away by the support I received cycling Around Britian & thus for this ride I did make a diary & the following links (which will be added shortly) are my day by day account of what it was like to cycle approximately 100 miles everyday for 42 days around the beautiful 4800 miles of Mainland Britain's coastline for Mind (the Mental Health charity).

Day 1 - Blackpool to Conwy

Day 2 - Conwy to Llanfrachraeth

Day 3 - Llanfrachraeth to Aberystwyth

Day 4 - Aberystwyth to Fishguard

Day 5 - Fishguard to Llanelli

Day 6 - Llanelli to Alvington

Day 7 - Alvington to Gloucester

Day 8 - Gloucester to Watchet

Day 9 - Watchet to Croyde

Day 10 - Croyde to Padstow

Day 11 - Padstow to Lands End

Day 12 - Lands End to St Austell

Day 13 - St Austell to Plymouth

Day 14 - Plymouth to Sidmouth

Day 15 - Sidmouth to Studland Point

Day 16 - Wareham to Hythe

Day 17 - Hythe to Brighton

Day 18 - Brighton to Folkestone

Day 19 - Folkestone to Tilbury

Day 20 - Tilbury to Colchester

Day 21 - Colchester to Wangford

Day 22 - Wangford to Kings Lynn

Day 23 - Kings Lynn to Withernsea

Day 24 - Withernsea to Burniston

Day 25 - Burniston to Berwick Upon Tweed

Day 26 - Berwick Upon Tweed to Leven

Day 27 - :Leven to Montrose

Day 28 - Montrose to Maud

Day 29 - Maud to Inverness

Day 30 - Inverness to Wick

Day 31 - Wick to Eriboll

Day 32 - Eriboll to Achiltibuie

Day 33 - Achiltibuie to Kinlockewe

Day 34 - Kinlochewe to Dornie

Day 35 - Dornie to Oban

Day 36 - Oban to Dumbarton

Day 37 - Dumbarton to Stranraer

Day 38 - Stranraer to Dumfries

Day 40 - Dumfries to Drigg

Day 41 - Drigg to Carnforth

Day 42 - Carnforth to Blackpool

The end. 4800 miles in 42 days Around the coastline of Britain for Mind.

Ryan Rode Around Britain in 42 days for Mind


See the video that will be coming soon for details of where I rode to or check out my Strava at

On March 20th 2019 I created Recycle Yourself after realising that I was either going to kill myself or end up in prison if I didn't sort my head out & so I got on my wellbeing tool & set about cycling 50 miles everyday for 50 days.


Less than a year after becoming a "cyclist" I was setting off from my home in Keighley, West Yorkshire along the Liverpool to Leeds canal on my bike to embark on my 1st big fundraising & awareness ride, The world famous LEJOG, Lands End to John O'Groats.

Travelling towards Leeds Train Station along the canal I should have known things weren't going to go to plan when I got a puncture at Rodley but unwilling to let all my planning & the support I had gathered down I fixed that & continued to catch my train to Penzance.

This process wasn't as easy as I had thought either. 

As a novice cyclist that had never previously caught a train with a bike I was unaware that I had to book my bike on too. This left me having to abort my planned train direct to Birmingham & Penzance & instead I had to go Via Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol Temple Mead to Penzance. An 8 hour journey became 13 hours.

Anyway, I arrived in Penzance & rested at my Bed & Breakfast to ensure an early start to Lands End.

Day 1 - Penzance to Lands End to Penzance to Exeter

Rising whilst it was still dark I set off to cycle the 20 miles from Penzance to Lands End, arriving there for a beautiful sunrise & enabling me to depart with 2 local cyclist's that made me feel like Chris Froome being lead out by the SKY Team.

Pushing on as they left me at Penzance I continued solo to Exeter via Redruth, Newquay, over Bodmin Moor and into Exeter to complete a 150 mile 1st day over the undulating hills over Cornwall & Devon.

Day 2 - Exeter to Bristol

Setting off from Exeter after a great, if not difficult 1st day I knew it wasn't going to be as easy as the rain belted it down for the 1st few hours of the morning until lunch, leaving me soaked wet through but making progress through the hills of Devon as I headed towards Somerset.

At Bridgwater an incident occurred that was going to define my LEJOG experience...... I fell off, my 1st bike accident since I was about 9 years old, and not only did I fall off I CRASHED.

Cut, bruised & bleeding I got patched up at the local Morrison's Supermarket, found a 2nd hand phone to replace my smashed one & because it was easier to cycle than ride I continued, painfully slowly on to my hostel in the centre of Bristol.

Day 3 - Bristol to Wolverhampton (Telford)

After a terrible nights sleep in which I became stuck to my blood soaked sheets I set off to the sight of a young homeless lad slept in a tunnel outside the hostel covered in just a sleeping bag reminding me of why I was cycling for mental health & homelessness.

Forgetting my own pain for a while I set off North towards the Midlands in what was a difficult but unremarkable ride until I found myself at Kidderminister, miles off course.

Because of my injuries I was cycling but not really concentrating on the route, but simply to push the pedals & make progress. This lead me to rebooking my accommodation to a YHA at Ironbridge, near Telford, which again I arrived at, at approaching midnight.

Day 4 - Wolverhampton (Now Telford) to Lancaster (became Oldham)

Well, if you hadn't of gathered by now luck wasn't on my side & day 4 brought no change to that until much, much later.

Cycling towards Market Drayton I gained my 1st puncture, which I quickly changed by the roadside, soon to be followed by my 2nd & 3rd, I just couldn't find the problem & the more I looked the more time I lose, the more stressed I became. So, to resolve the issue I bought a new tyre, not ideal but I was getting frustrated with this day after day cycling.

Then as I reached Tarporley I was welcomed with a wonderful diversion, a nice 6 mile road became a 32 mile detour via the edge of Stoke.

As you can imagine, I was now well behind schedule & my moral was dwindling fast until at Manchester I realised I wasn't going to reach my Lancaster destination.

At this point Andys Man Club came to my rescue again. A shout out was made to the groups members & I was kindly offered accommodation with the wonderful Katie Lockwood in Oldham. Katie's brother had recently committed suicide & thus her interest in AMC, this was a truly inspirational night & one I will never forget.

Day 5 - Oldham to Carlisle

Setting off early with Katie's friend Stacy I was given a lift back to the location I had reached in Manchester before detouring to Oldham. From here I made great progress towards Lancaster as I attempted to make up the distance I had lost the previous day & most importantly meet my Dad who had travelled to Lancaster to ride with me up to Carlisle on what should have been my shortest, mid way rest day. That it wasn't.

Upon reaching Lancaster at around midday me & my Dad cycled up over The Shap & in to a town called Wigton just outside of Carlisle where my Grandparents live & where by cousin gave my now wary bike a quick service.

Day 6 - Carlisle to Dunfirmline

And now things start to go well.

Upon leaving Carlisle I headed through Gretna & up the Glasgow/Edinburgh scenic road up to Abingdon before gaining my 1st real tailwind as I headed across Scotland towards Livingston & the Tay Bridge over to Dunfirmline.

The shortness of this paragraph just tells you how unevenful this day was but what I will say is that that scenic road when your on a bike isn't scenic, the view looks the same, corner after corner after corner for what felt like days. If I was to do LEJOG again I would avoid that as much as possible, it was boring.

Day 7 - Dunfirmline to Inverness

The longest & hardest day of my journey, best I set off from Lands End & one that I knew was going to be hard as I had to face a 150 mile ride & The Cairngorns & i'm not ashamed to say that at Aviemore I cried & didn't think I could make Inverness but after severval talks with my Dad he reminded me how far I had come both in life & on this ride & this ultimately spurred me on to reach Inverness YHA for what would turn out to be my 1st visit there (but more about that on RyanRidesAroundBritian).

Day 8 - Inverness to John O'Groats

Another long day but one that I knew would be my last & one that I really enjoyed. Cycling up the A90 I knew that I had my friends John & Ian waiting for me at the finish & whilst on route they caught up with me & what a feeling it was having people I knew with me again. 

Pushing on up the hills of Helmsdale, Berriedale & Dunbeath felt like mountains but as each inch I crept the finish got closer.

Upon reaching John O'Groats I at 1st struggled to find John & Ian because they had no signal but typically they were in the pub & I soon got a wonderful welcome to the signpost at the end of the end to end, a total journey of 1036 miles in 8 days, raising a great £1700 for 2 brilliant charities. 


Two days after my 1st charity cycling event I was again one my bike but this time over two days as I joined a cycle ride around the towns where men's mental health & suicide prevention group Andy's Man Club held meetings. Starting from Leigh, Lancashire 20 or so men set off on the 1st days journey back to the clubs birthplace of Halifax, West Yorkshire, a route which was about 40 miles & would take in groups locations of Oldham & Hebden Bridge as we crossed the Pennines.


Day 2 was twice the distance. Starting beneath the Humber Bridge in Hull we cycle via Pontefract & Wakefield to the Andys Man Club group in Huddersfield before taking the shoet journey over the hill to finish again in Halifax.


My 1st charity cycling event was one in which I didn't actually leave the village I was brought up in or the same 4 sqft for that matter.


Organised by my stepmum at the local Co-Op I was tasked with cycling for 10 hours non-stop (except toilet breaks) on a static exercise bike.


This was successful & over £460 was raised for The British Red Cross.